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Sports Medicince


You are our Priority!

McCook Therapy's commitment to the local communities we serve is first and foremost. Providing top quality care locally for our student athletes as well as adult athletes is instrumental to us and we take that care very seriously. Sports medicine is an umbrella term that encompasses all aspects of athletic and active populations including sports medicine/orthopedic physicians, athletic trainers, personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, and many more. Sports medicine is an important realm of the rehabilitation process for those interested in returning to or beginning competition or non-competitive sport.

Whatever your injury, our goal is to have you back in the game as fast as we can! Our team will work with your team (parents, coaches, athletic trainers, physicians) for all your sports medicine needs, including:


> Therapeutic exercise

> Manual/Soft tissue massage

> Kinesio Taping

> UltraSound

> E-Stim

To further our commitment, we offer an AFTER HOURS

care line: (605) 421-1728

And, FREE access to our 24-Hour Wellness Center during your rehabilitation!

Direct Access.

No referral needed. 

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