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Group Fitness Classes

*Included with Membership

Cycle & Shine

@5:30pm Tues & 6pm Thurs


Fitness on Demand

@5:15am Mon-Fri

Each month we choose a list for you to follow focusing on cardio, care, toning, and agility. Follow along on the big screen with some of the best fitness instructors out there!

Ride and Shine

@7:00am Mon-Fri

A quick yet effective 20-30 min ride streamed through Fitness on Demand. Build a stronger core, enhance balance and coordination, tone arms and legs, and improve joint mobility and endurance for full body benefits!

BeFIT- Circuit

@5:15pm Mon & Wed

A circuit style workout focusing on using weights and body weight to maximize your flexibility, strength, and stability. 


BODi and Cycle

@6:00am Mon-Fri

Various BODi blocks alternating between power-based strength training (upper and lower body), abs, and cardio with cycling integrated in! Great for all fitness levels. 

Sip and Cycle 

@12:15pm Mon-Fri

A perfect midday break! Join in on a 20 min ride to get your blood pumping and boost your mood for the rest of the afternoon! 

Walk It Out

@5:30pm Mon & Wed

This Walk at Home heart pumping class includes a series of multi-muscle movements set to a beat to allow a higher level of muscle engagement that leads to a higher calorie burn and of course toning-all from the comfort of your home! 

Join in on a low impact cardio and toning class that will meet you where you're at. The goal is for each person to commit to showing up and reaching their personal best!

*Fill out the wellness form below and either bringing it in with you or email us a completed copy before your first visit!

Group Classes
Senior Fitness

Specialized Senior Fitness Classes

At McCook Therapy and Wellness you will find tailored programs that promote physical and emotional well-being, foster a sense of community, and address age-specific wellness needs. These specialized groups provide a supportive environment for you to thrive and enhance your quality of life. 



A moderate intensity men's group. 

Focusing on full body strengthening, mobility, and improved endurance.


Goals: Decreasing the risk of injury. Prevent/Delay heart disease.

Improve cognitive function. 

Salem: Mon, Wed, Fri @7am & 8am

*Monday Upper Extremity, Wednesday Lower Extremity, Friday Cardio and Coordination. 

Canistota: Tues & Thurs @8am

Tuesday Upper Extremity, Thursday Lower Extremity



Anyone looking to improve their mobility, strength, and balance. 

A low to moderate fitness group for seniors that encourages wellness and socialization! 

Goals: Improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance.

Decrease isk of injury.

Prevention/Delay of Heart Disease.

Improve cognitive functioning.

Salem: Mon, Wed, Fri @9am

Canistota: Tues, Thurs @9am

Montrose: Tues, Thurs @10:30am



Geared towards individuals with Parkinson's, MS, Alzeimer's/Dementia.

A low to moderate fitness group for individuals who require additional assistance and guidance. 

Goals: slow the progression of symptoms and enhance independence by Improving/Maintaining strength, mobility, and coordination.


Mon, Wed, Fri @10am, 11am, & 1pm


BeFIT Coaching

Level up your fitness goals with a specialized Coach! 

What McCook Wellness BeFIT Coaching has to offer:

~Wellness Profile Consult

    A comprehensive approach to holistic health, encompassing

personalized nutrition education, thorough wellness assessments,

tailored weight management goals, and strategic wellness

planning to help you achieve your physical and emotional


~Fitness Assessment 

   A comprehensive fitness evaluation and individualized programming set up 

~Single Options

~Small Group Options

*Click the button and fill out the form so we can get you going!

Contact Us


511 S Nebraska St. Salem, SD 57058

245 W Main St. Canistota, SD 57012




Hours of Operation

Salem Location: Staffed from 7AM-6PM Mon-Fri

Canistota Location: Staffed from 7AM-6PM Tues & Thurs

Salem Wellness Center

open 24/7

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