McCook Wellness Center

offers a trained fitness staff and a variety of fitness services that will help you achieve your goals. Staff will ensure proper exercise techniques, motivation, and will help you get the most out of your workout. 

Beach Body / Cardio / Fitness Classes

Throughout the year we offer many different classes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the most current offerings! Check back often.


Boost your Vitamin D and just feel better! Tanning beds do have benefits to your overall mood. Be sure to check our Facebook page for frequent tanning specials, and call us to find out what our tanning packages are!

Individual Training

Do you want to lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, build muscle or all of the above? Our personal trainers are certified to safely and affectively administer individualized workouts. The personal trainer will take you through a full-body workout and keep you on the right track. Trainers are great for helping individuals start their routines. 


A good instructor should educate and motivate while teaching exercises and ensuring clients keep correct form and techniques. Body position is key, and it is your instructor's job to monitor and alter programs to fit each individual's needs. 


You must have a wellness membership to participate in Individual Training. 

Individual Training Prices


Contact us for training prices!


Athletic Edge is an individualized, athlete specific, strength and speed development program offered at McCook Wellness. During this program you will gain muscle mass, strength and agility, and maximize performance potential for your upcoming sporting events. 


Athletic Edge is specifically designed to suit each individual athlete's needs. To avoid a cookie-cutter program, each participant is evaluated and assessed for a program that is custom-designed for your goals and for your specific sport's physical demands. 


Athletes of varying ages and abilities can use techniques to propel them to the next level, and we can help you do that too!

To participate in Athletic Edge and fitness classes/training you do not have to be a member. 


Contact us for pricing!

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