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National Headache & Migraine Awareness Month

June is National Headache and Migraine Awareness Month. According to the International Headache Society there are different types of headaches including Tension-type, Migraine and cluster, secondary headaches, and cranial neuralgias or facial pain. Headaches are one of the most common of all physical complaints and can be one of the most frustrating to manage on your own. Tension-type headaches are also called muscle spasm headaches and are the most common in adults. Posture, neck, jaw problems, fatigue, or stress may cause tension headaches. Migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world and the 6th most disabling illness in the world. Every 10 seconds, someone goes to the ER complaining of head pain and 1.2 million visits are for acute migraine attacks. More than 4 million people suffer from chronic daily migraines, with 90% unable to work or function normally during a migraine. Are headaches or migraines affecting your daily life? If so, call the clinic today to see how our Physical and Occupational Therapists can help! We are here for you!

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