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Joint Replacement Rehabilitation Therapy


Let's get you moving, faster.

Having a joint replaced can be a frightening experience. At McCook Therapy & Wellness we are here to calm your fears and provide caring therapy in a comfortable and friendly clinic. Our staff is well versed in the protocols used by the various orthopedic surgeons in our area. And because surgical techniques are ever-changing, we work diligently to ensure we are familiar with these protocols at all times. In addition, we are specially trained in the therapeutic exercise, manual techniques, and modalities to make your recovery as efficient and pain free as possible.


As a small town rural clinic, it is our mission to attain the highest specialization and competence possible. We do this by attending continuing education and networking sessions at some of our top local institutions including, but not limited to Sanford, Orthopedic Institute, Avera Core, and Avera Queen of Peace.

Direct Access.

No referral needed. 

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